Slim Smirk is a Slovenian singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. As a lifetime listener of all kinds of different musical genres (hip hop, jazz, rock, etc.) the music will always be a kind-of mixture of melodic vocals and crazy instrumentals. Currently working on The Debut album, Slim Smirk tends to bring a jazzy-hip-hop-trap blend, creating a variety of jazz tunes with a slight hip hop-trap flown instrumentals. "I was always influenced by music, since I can remember. It creates a special world, where only I am present. For most people in my area making music felt strange, but I always understood it." Creating music with a 'Vibe' and dope flows continue to be the mission in Slim Smirk's vision. "I believe that people underestimate the grind. I know that passion and talent will take me places, but grind will take me to the top."